EmojiXpress Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the EmojiXpress keyboard require full access?

Full access is required for the Big Emojis, Stickers, and Emoji Favorites features. However, if you are not interested in these features, you can still use the Emoji keyboard without granting full access.

Do you track my credit card information?

The Apple warning about sensitive information such as credit card numbers does not apply to our keyboard because you can only send Emojis and Stickers with our keyboard.

Do you have access to everything I type with this keyboard or what I typed before?

The EmojiXpress keyboard is an Emoji & Stickers Keyboard only. It does not have access to information typed with other keyboards such as your regular text keyboard.

Can I use the App with iOS 7?

All third party extension keyboards require at least iOS 8, but the rest of the features such as Emoji Art and Games are compatible with iOS 7 and above.

I want to add more Emojis to the keyboard. How do i do that?

The Emoji character set is defined by the Unicode Consortium. No other organization can add additional Emojis. You can request additional Emojis here: Character Proposals. We will however add all new Emojis as they become available.

I can't find all the Emojis. Where are they?

The EmojiXpress keyboard provides multiple categories at the top of the keyboard. Swipe within the categories section to see and select additional categories. Please also make sure to update to iOS 10 for the new Emojis to show up on the keyboard.

How do I enable the EmojiXpress Emoji & Sticker keyboard?

Please check out How to Enable the EmojiXpress Emoji & Sticker keyboard Video

How do I send Stickers?

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How do I change Themes?

Please check out How to Change Themes Video

How do I edit Emoji Diversity?

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How do I edit Emoji Favorites?

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How do I edit Stickers Favorites?

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